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This page has been designed to make adding the "Art & Framing Headquarters" logo to your Web site as easy as possible.

You may be asking, "why would I want to add someone elses logo to my Web site?"

  • Well, for starters, if you are thinking of adding or have already added your business to this directory and would like your  listing to link to your Web site (if you have one), by adding a reciprocal link back to "The Art & Framing Headquarters" you avoid an additional charge of $4 per month.  You are however, still responsible for the cost of  your listings additional features such as e-mail link, logo, and description.


  • By providing a reciprocal link from your Web site back to the "Art & Framing Headquarters, you are helping to add publicity to this site.   More publicity helps everyone who has their business listed in these directories.   Lets face it folks, there's just not a lot of information on the Internet for businesses in the art/framing industry.  Helping us add publicity to this page will provide us the means to add new products and services.  This will helpout everyone!


The add the "Art & Framing Headquarters" logo to your Web site, simply copy the following lines of text between and not including the asterisks and paste to the desired location of your Web site.


<p align="center"><font face="Arial">Be sure to visit</font></p><div align="center"><center>

<table border="1" width="28%"><tr><td width="100%"><p align="center"><a href="" target="_TOP">

<img src="" width="175" height="68"

alt="Click here to visit the Art and Framing Headquarters"



The above html code will produce the following:

Be sure to visit

Clcik here to visit the Art and Framing Headquarters

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